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    added Tue April 07 2009 at 11:55 PM

    I made my first offer for a house on December 19th. It was a lowball offer, in a large part because while I did like the house, it had fewer rooms than what was listed. Not too surprisingly, the offer was ignored. Since then, I've made offers on 9 other houses. Several of those offers were for below listing price, but a couple were pretty much at the listing price and two or three were actually above. It's been pretty tough to get attached and then have it slip away.

    I suppose that in five or ten years I'll probably look back on this and I won't even remember what other houses I looked at. I won't remember the one that got away - a beautiful house with an amazing floorplan and and absolutely awesome view out the master bedroom. I knew when I was looking at it that it would go for much more than what they listed it at. Of course I made an offer as high as I could go, but that wasn't enough. When it really matters, I guess that it never is. Caring just makes it hurt worse when nothing comes of it.

    Last weekend, I submitted two offers at once - numbers nine and ten. Partially because I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted and partially because I'm becoming jaded and cynical. One of them is off the market as of yesterday. The other one the bank that owns it is playing games, but I'm trying to focus on some of the downsides of the place (not really the most convenient location) so that I won't be too upset when it falls through in the end.

    By this time, you'd think that I'd become immune to the rejection. And I generally handle it pretty well (if I do say so myself), but every time it still stings. I'm not sure what I'll be looking back on some years from now, but for now I need to stop caring so much about each prospect. There will be plenty of time to care once I've made the commitment.