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    A Slow Moving Train Wreck  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed March 04 2009 at 10:15 PM

    Perhaps it's because I've been in such emotional turmoil the last few weeks, but this week seems to have all but stopped dead in its tracks. We're half way through the week, but it seems like last week was ages ago.

    Today at work was totally unproductive for pretty much the whole day (shh... don't tell me boss ;) ). I fiddled with this and that and worked on a couple emails and basically just didn't get around to doing anything that I really wanted to get done. Then this afternoon there was quite a funny fiasco with the corporate emails. I'll spare the details, but let's just say that it was remarkably like this tale from a Microsoft employee. Complete with a dozen or two emails saying to stop using reply-all. As the email server got bogged down and the emails started coming longer and longer after they were sent, it was like watching a slow moving train wreck. We just wanted to reach out and tell everybody to stop it now, but every attempt to do that just made the problem worse. So instead, we all just watched as the emails trickled in - 30 minutes after they were sent. For about 2 hours.

    At about 6, I gave up on work - I was starting to get a headache anyway and I just wasn't getting anything done. So I went home. I talked with my mom for a bit about life and a house in Auburn and how it's all going to fit together. Part of me wonders if I'm watching another slow moving train wreck. Do I have any choice other than to just watch it trickle by?