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    Self Discipline  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat December 06 2008 at 11:47 PM

    As I played the game one last time (for the tenth time in a row), I thought over the list of things I should be doing, the list of things that I wanted to do, and how those two lists were not even mutually exclusive. Later, when I clicked the StumbleUpon button one more time I remembered that I wanted to be doing something else instead of wasting my time. It hurts to say it in such a public forum, but nobody reads the site right now anyway so here it is - I need more self discipline. Hopefully if you're my boss or a cute girl reading this in the future you don't hold this confession against me.

    How does one go about teaching oneself discipline anyway? It's strongly related with several of my other problems. I've called it by various names in the past - laziness, lack of energy, depression. So many of them come back to the same lack of discipline. The depression is a very real thing that I have to watch out for, but I don't want to cower in a corner and hope that it leaves me alone this year. I want to take control and work my way through it. I want to make myself productive even on days when I can't think straight.

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