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    Landslide victory!  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed November 05 2008 at 9:08 PM
    And letís also keep in mind that the electoral vote was a landslide, but the popular vote was 53% - 46%. Obviously not nearly as close as the last two elections were, but thatís still almost half the population that wanted McCain. Letís also not underestimate the importance of Obamaís race. 95% of blacks voted for Obama. If they had voted in line with other minorities (which is probably also a skewed number for the same reason), that would have brought the presidential race to a dead-even 49%-49%. I know that some will claim that bigoted whites would have voted for another democratic candidate if it werenít for Obamaís race, but according to this blog (I donít have time to crunch the numbers myself), the southern whites that voted so heavily in favor of McCain _also_ voted heavily in favor of Bush. The white bigots are already staunch republican!

    I am glad that Obama won, but letís not fool ourselves Ė this isnít the landslide that you think it is. If nothing else, never forget that half of the country has below-average intelligence.