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    New computer  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri August 03 2007 at 8:16 AM
    I bought a new computer today. I plan on using it as a file server and possibly as a development web server. The sad thing is that the specs are almost as good as my current computer. It's probably a year or two older than my computer. And I bought it for $10.

    Part of me wants to translate that into "I need a new computer." The other part realizes that the new computer still isn't necessary. I want to put off the new computer purchase for just a few months until I decide what kind of budget I'm going to alot for a computer purchase.

    On an only slightly related topic, I'm not sure if my internet connectivity problems are caused by my router or by Comcast. Every few days, I come home and I don't have an internet connection because I don't have an IP address. Is it because my router is a piece of junk and doesn't know how to interface with the Comcast DHCP server? Or is it because Comcast drops my IP address and doesn't bother to give me a new one? Probably something else entirely - I generally don't call myself a system admin. I am experimenting with manually setting my IP address to the one that I finally was able to fetch from Comcast (After removing my router from the loop and restarting the computer and router). We'll see if that works.

    I'm off to find an image to burn a Linux Live CD.