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    New Faces, New Blood  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri November 03 2006 at 10:04 PM
    I wrote this a couple weeks ago, but have been busy and so I'm late in posting it:

    Brad Damstedt (Reader's Forum, October 16) didn't get his chance to ask Senator Orrin Hatch why we should let him stay in the senate after 30 years, but Senator Hatch answered that question many times over in the Q&A. Senator Hatch has stated that we should vote for him because of his experience, seniority, and power in Washington D.C.

    This is a much different tune from 30 years ago when Senator Hatch was a bright-eyed lawyer from Pennsylvania claiming that his predecessor had been in office too long (18 years), was out of touch with Utah, and that the seniority system served no useful purpose. Many things have changed in the last thirty years, but we definitely have not lost the need for "new faces, new blood, new thinking" that Hatch called for in 1976.

    Senator Hatch has done many good things and many bad things in his tenure. However, it's time to turn over the reigns to the next generation. Pete Ashdown has the new blood, the new thinking, and the accountability that our nation needs in its leaders.