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    It just works  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat September 02 2006 at 2:22 AM
    Okay, I'm tired and I'm pissed off, so don't expect anything too coherent (read yesterday's entry if you want something other than a half-awake rant). I must admit that by and large, things on my mac just work, but it figures that the first time that they don't "just work," it just "doesn't work at all." At least when I'm working on a PC, if I run into a problem I can look for hacks and work-arounds and somebody has probably had a similar issue and figured out how to handle it. Not so with mac.

    Microsoft, with all their commitment to backward compatability (read cruft), goes to great lengths to not make things break when you make a routine update. Chances are that if you were able to run a program on Windows 95, it will still run (even if not as pretty) on Windows XP. If it doesn't run, then somebody has figured out a workaround to make it so that you can run it. Now, that doesn't mean that the workaround it easy or even worth the effort, but when push comes to shove, if you have some software that needs to interface with some hardware, you can find a way to do it.

    Canon doesn't claim to be compatible with OS X 10.4. And it looks like they're right - it doesn't work. The worst part is that the community seems to just accept the fact that they can't get their 20d to interface with their mac. "Oh well. At least my mac just works."

    What the heck?!? What happened to everything just works? Somehow, it worked for OS 9. It even worked for OS X 10.1-10.3. Just not 10.4. Which means that I have to find a workaround to my idea that will probably involve trying to connect the camera to a PC and get the mac to read a shared PC drive - or I'll have to just give up on having the pictures available immediately while setting up the ward directory like I wanted. I'll talk to the mac genius tomorrow to see if he has any suggestions.