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    added Fri September 01 2006 at 8:10 PM
    I guess it's been a busy week, which is funny since it's my last week before fall semester starts again. This upcoming semester could be very hard, depending on how some of these classes pan out. As of 5 pm earlier today, I am signed up for 18 credits (!!!!). I'm hoping that the two computer science courses will be cake, one's a 100-level, and the other I've heard isn't bad at all. I'm considering putting off my stats class until next semester. That would definitely simplify this semester, but at the cost of putting that class off yet again. Add onto the insane number of classes twenty hours of work every week (gotta eat to live, gotta work to eat), and it looks like Jo-Pete might be away from home 14-18 hours a day.

    Dan (my roommate)'s parents are in town for a couple days and they were nice enough to invite me along to eat at Olive Garden, which was definitely nice. A couple girls had stopped by earlier in the day to let us know that there was a UVSC institute dance starting at 9. We didn't finish eating until just after 10, so I drove over as soon as we got home.

    Every dance committee hopes that there will be a huge turnout, but I don't think anybody was prepared for the numbers that showed. The dance committee's dreams turned into a bit of a nightmare. When I showed up, they had just started restricting people from getting in, only allowing people in when somebody else left. I got in after a couple minutes and quickly realized why people were leaving. The huge gym was completely packed with people and it was HOT. My glasses almost fogged up from the moisture pouring off the dance floor, and it didn't smell too pretty, either.

    I hung out in the halls for a bit before I found an air vent on the edge of the dance floor. I stood there pretty much the rest of the night, watching people (girls) go by and listening to the music. They actually played a surprisingly good mix of music, ranging from a little bit of trance/techno to some hip hop to a couple swing songs, and everything in between. Something for everybody, although I was most interested in the swing.

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