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    Huntsman's Mistake?  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue July 25 2006 at 7:59 PM
    In Tuesday's letter to the editor, Mr. Phillips claims that Huntsman's support of Senator McCain is a mistake because McCain opposed Senator Hatch's proposed Constitutional Amendment. Of course, Senator Hatch only does what is best for Utah, and has no political or personal ambitions of his own.

    Apparently some people fail to realize how duplicitous Senator Hatch himself is. Last month, when a man that had been legally living in Utah for 16 years was deported to India with his family (including an American-born son) because of a technicality , Senator Hatch claimed that it would be inappropriate to use his political clout to keep this hard-working businessman in Utah. However, when a wealthy music producer from Georgia tried to bring cocaine into Dubai, Senator Hatch personally made multiple calls to the foreign consul in Washington to get this drug addict's jail sentence reduced.

    Senator Hatch was first voted into office in 1976 largely on a platform that his opponent had been in the senate too long -- a full 18 years. Whether McCain is successful in 2008 or not, John Huntsman is blessed to be governor in Utah, where voters regularly "suffer from severe short-term memory" when voting for incumbents.