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    added Tue July 11 2006 at 11:14 PM
    A couple months ago, I wrote about Pete Ashdown, who is trying to run against Orrin Hatch. I've already bugged a couple of you about how important this race is, and I know that not everybody agrees with all of Ashdown's ideas. Regardless of whether you want to see Ashdown _win_, I think it's important that he's given a fair shot so that Senator Hatch will be forced to acknowledge that he's not infallible.

    Unfortunately, Ashdown is hurting from the gate from a simple lack of funding. Companies generally prefer to send their money to the incumbent, and Hatch has already raised $3.3 million, compared to Ashdown's $57,000. Now, I'm not asking you to just give him money (although he'd gladly accept that, too). If you don't really care about supporting him, but just want to help a candidate get a fair chance in an important election, please take the time to vote for him on a poll that the PAC for a Change is holding to decide who they should support (and give a lot of money to). They will ask for an email address to confirm that you're a real person (to help keep candidates from stuffing the ballot box), but you can opt out of their mailing list.

    Pete's currently in third place in this poll, but he's been gaining on the lead. He needs your vote.