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    Warning: Reading may be harmful to your health  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue July 04 2006 at 7:47 PM
    I was at DI (a local thrift store) the other day to pick up cheap pots and pans because all the ones currently in the apartment were too big. As long as I was there, I figured I'd wander around a little bit.

    As I was browsing the books, I noticed a box set that sits on my parents' shelf. I've read all five books in The Belgariad (by David Eddings) before, but five dollars for five books was such a good deal I figured I'd pick it up. In fact, I just looked online and Amazon's trying to sell them for $45, although ebay is a more reasonable $5-10. At any rate, I probably shouldn't have bought them.

    I read the first book shortly after I bought it, but I think I read the last three books in the last three days. Now don't get me wrong- these books are extremely simple reading, but I'm not exactly a fast reader and each book took me on the order of 6-7 hours. Naturally, most of the reading was done at night, and by the time I stopped reading last night I wasn't really feeling too well.

    I do recommend the series to anybody who likes fantasy, but I don't think that the books were really meant to be read all at once like that. I found that Eddings is very repetitive -- not only flashing back to important points of previous books to remind readers what happened before, but also using the same phrases over and over again. I wish I could find an example of what I'm referring to, but I can't seem to right now. At any rate, the annoyance was probably more because I was tired than anything else.

    The important thing to note in all this is that I should be spending that time on work or on homework. I now know exactly why I don't read much anymore. Once I start reading a book, if it's any good I don't really want to do anything else other than finish reading it. That includes eating or even sleeping. Unfortunately, I found out that there's another series that follows after this one. I'm torn between wanting to know what happens next and not wanting to read another word again. I think I'll wait until the one week between summer term and fall semester and check the library for the books then.