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    Life 340  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu February 23 2006 at 8:27 PM
    Where to begin? Perhaps introductions are in order? I'm Jo-Pete a.k.a. petiejoe. As in You know, the author of this two-bit site.

    Many have suspected it and a quick glance at the archives confirm it- Jo-Pete has abandoned his site.

    No! Wait! I have done no such thing. I just haven't updated in, well, forever. And a week.

    Normally, these "welcome back" entries are accompanied with promises of "I'll post every single day from now on- honest to goodness," but I won't even make pretense. I'm busy, and I don't really have much time to think, let alone write, about things I actually care about. On the other hand, I probably posted the most during some of my most busy school schedules. Maybe I just need to get back in the swing of things, who knows. What I do know is that these "welcome back" posts don't mean anything because how on earth am I going to talk about anything real when I'm making excuses for why I haven't written in so long?

    So- what *have* I been busy with, you ask?

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.