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    Here comes the rain (again)  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon October 24 2005 at 10:55 PM
    It's raining again. One thing I definitely won't miss about living here is the rain. Long, slow, drawn-out, dismal rain.

    Okay, you get the point... it's raining, I'm not impressed.

    On Saturday evening, there was lightning to accompany the rain. That was fun. It made me nostalgic for watching monsoons late at night at Grandma's house. They weren't quite as frequent as what I remember in my childhood, but it was still a nice fuzzy memory.

    Our internet's been acting up. I'm not sure if it's because of the modem or the cable service, but the nice thing is that now it's Comcast's problem either way. I'll probably give them a call sometime tomorrow. Maybe they've been having service issues in the area lately. Maybe they'll bring me out a new modem. Just give me my internet without this junk of losing the connection every five or ten minutes.

    I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Hence the fact that I'm sitting here talking on the phone typing random nonsense online at an obscene time at night. Even worse was last night. I got to bed at a good time. There wasn't anything going on, and I was bored and/or sick of being awake so I went to bed at a little after nine. At about 1, I got up to use the bathroom. The toilet was clogged and ended up overflowing (I know... you really didn't need to hear about that, but anyway). It took me probably about 20 minutes to get it all cleaned up and the floor washed but then I couldn't fall back asleep.

    I read four or five pages in the Book of Mormon (best natural sleep aid ever). I watched an old horror movie on AMC. I read another ten pages. Just after 4, I was just about to give up and start to get ready for the day when I finally fell asleep. Of course, troubles falling asleep are always followed by troubles waking up. And sleeping in leads to... troubles falling asleep.

    I didn't sleep in too much this morning, though. I'm not sure why I'm just now starting to feel the dull edge of sleep creeping up on me. Here it is... off I go, to sleep.