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    Weekend adventures  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon May 23 2005 at 8:25 AM
    This is just going to be a quick recap of the weekend adventures, because I was too lazy to do it properly each day. I won't even pretend to promise to go into more detail later, because I know I won't.

    On Friday, I got into work early so I could leave a little before 3. I headed out with Steve and drove directly to NYC to pick up David, and on toward central New Jersey to catch a Good Charlotte/Relient K concert. At least that was the plan. The reality was that I hate driving in or near New York, and we got stuck in no less than three different traffic jams of at least 30-45 minutes apiece. We were a little bit before my anticipated schedule when we arrived at the first traffic halt just outside of Tappan Zee Bridge, and three hours later, we were finally getting out of Jersey City area.

    The concert was a lot of fun. Musically, I like Good Charlotte a *lot* better on recording rather than live, but they worked with the crowd really well. The really surprising aspect was the number of *parents* in the crowd. Fourteen year old girls hanging out with Mom at the Good Charlotte concert. The best I can figure is that it was because the venue was a high school sport complex and the opener was a Christian punk rock band. Steve's idea was that maybe they were giving free/heavily discounted tickets to parents of local students. I'd say that's a real possibility.

    Speaking of the opener, I was really upset we didn't make it on time for Relient K. Honestly, I was more excited to see them live than Good Charlotte. I hadn't even heard of Relient K until a few weeks ago, and as I already said, I'm really impressed with their latest album.

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