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    Where are the pictures?  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon May 16 2005 at 10:47 AM
    Generally speaking, I find more enjoyment in *taking* pictures than I do in looking at them. That said, I obviously do look at all of my pictures and even study a large number of them. However, I am not naturally inclined to sort the pictures in any way. When I was borrowing a camera from the library, I'd have several weeks in between using the camera, in which I'd have adequate opportunity to pick out the good pictures. Also, I only took a couple hundred pictures every time I had the camera, which made it so that I could post them all at the same time and it would still be (somewhat) manageable.

    Now, however, I am completely swamped by over 2000 pictures. Mom has seen all of them, because she doesn't mind sorting through all the bad pictures to see the good pictures. The average visitor, on the other hand, is going to see 20 bad pictures in a row and never return to see my site again. I feel like it is my responsibility to sort through the pictures and only show the ones that meet a certain level of artistry or are at least acceptable quality. If you really want to just see any pictures I take, leave a comment here and I'll work something out to post all the pictures without any sorting whatsoever.

    After the initial setup, I estimate that it would only take 5-10 minutes for every 1-200 pictures to process and post the pictures to a dumpsite. Since I already do much of that processing just sending the pictures to my mom, I've a feeling that I would be able to easily keep on top of it. So I guess the question is: Would you still come to see the pictures if half the time, you saw 25 pictures of a single candle, half of which are miscolored or not steady, or otherwise of inferior quality?