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    Opening .ppt documents in PowerPoint from an HTML page  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon April 25 2005 at 3:37 PM
    One of my favorite things to do at work is to find a solution for a problem. The problem was that my boss has a home page he uses for quick links to important documents. Because he's a supervisor, he spends a lot of time changing excel spreadsheets around and adapting powerpoint presentations for the next meeting. When he added a URL to an Excel spreadsheet, clicking on the link opened up in Excel just like he expected. However, when he clicked on a link to a powerpoint presentation, it openned either in fullscreen play mode, or in Internet Explorer. Either way, he could not *edit* the document, only view it.

    Now, this actually turned out to be an interesting problem. Reading online, it turns out that there is a setting in Internet Explorer to change this behavior. Most of the solutions I saw either said to change extremely obscure settings hidden away in My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->File Types Tab->advanced button. I changed this setting, and I went from viewing it in IE to viewing it full-screen mode. That wasn't good enough.

    Other solutions involved editting the registry. As a general rule of thumb, I leave the registry alone. Especially if I'm going to be doing it to somebody *else*'s computer. Specifically my boss's. For that matter, I probably don't even have access to edit the registry on the work computers. At any rate, this solution is also unacceptable.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.