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    *Stars*  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed March 23 2005 at 1:36 PM
    In correspondance with Steve at work, he asked the following question:
    by the way, is the ** a replacement for "" or does it have some latent meaning that I am not yet aware of?

    If *Steve* doesn't know what I mean by the stars, then I wonder if *anybody* does, so I\'m going to post my reply. My apologies if I have written about this topic already.

    ** adds *emphasis* in writing. In many word processing programs (including Word), *text* is replaced with text. I find that it’s a good way to add a subtle *mmph* to a short phrase without decreasing the readability. Some people use ALL CAPS for the same thing, but ALL CAPS is too strong, more like you’re YELLING at someone. *Stars* on the other hand, is more of a speaking-tone emphasis.

    One thing to note when using “” is that these can be seen as marks of sarcasm. For example, you might talk about the “seriousness” of this conversation, where the “” means that you don’t personally agree with it, although some may say it. It is literally equivalent to saying the quote-unquote seriousness, if you’re familiar with that phrase.

    *”GOT IT”*?