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    On the road again  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri March 11 2005 at 10:31 AM
    Surprise, Surprise, I'm leaving the state today after work.

    There's a big "Young Single Adult" conference in New Hampshire (purportedly for "All of New England"). I will be bringing the camera, and the tough decision right now is what image size to use. I think I will be doing large resolution, medium JPG. I'm not convinced that the 100% quality JPG really has that much improvement over the half quality. It sounds like a lot to cut from 100 to 50, but very little visual data is actually lost in that change.

    Ideally, I would just buy another 1 gig CF card and not worry about turning up the compression. However, I *must* finish paying off the camera (in full) before I start buying any more accessories. The good news is that it will be completely paid off when I get my end-of-the-month paycheck. In fact, it will actually be paid off next wednesday, but I'll have a couple hundred dollars left on the credit card, and I'll be paying interest on that every day. The interest paid will still be well below the cash back bonus earned, but any interest is bad interest.

    I plan on taking somewhere around 555 pictures (don't worry, mom, I haven't forgotten), which should all fit on a 1 gig card at half compression. I guess that if worse becomes worst, I can track down somebody with a laptop and transfer the images over in the middle of the day tomorrow. I'll be sure to stick in the card reader just in case.

    I'll make my best effort to rush processing on these pictures on Sunday. They will not be sorted categorically, but they will be available for all to see by *Monday*.

    Arrival at AWE  echo $newJPics;
    thumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnail thumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnail thumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnail thumbnailthumbnailthumbnailthumbnail
    Please see the full-sized pictures.

    uploaded Fri March 11 2005 at 10:00 PM