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    Almost like Christmas  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon February 28 2005 at 7:28 PM
    I initially thought that Thursday was like christmas. I got a package with my camera in it, and I got a package with the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy. I was going to say "just like Christmas," but that wasn't quite true.

    It was better than any Christmas I've ever had. I've been anticipating these two purchases for about three years each. I've drooled over nice cameras for a while now, especially over the last year and a half. The way that I kept from spending the money to purchase the Fellowship of the Ring in the extended edition when it first came out was I promised myself that I would purchase the trilogy as a trilogy. I really didn't have the money then to afford it, so when the trilogy came out recently, co-inciding with the recent advances in career... well, I got it.

    I barely opened the first movie this evening. I'll probably watch the first disc (it's getting late), and then go to bed. Thursday night was completely taken with opening the new camera. I sat for a couple hours taking one thing at a time out of the box. I had included all kinds of fun goodies with the initial package, and I carefully opened and unwrapped them (so to speak). I knew that if I dived straight into the camera, all the other cool new toys would not get the credit they properly deserved. My roommate laughed at me as two hours later, I pulled the camera out of the box for the first time. My first picture wasn't taken until I got to institute.

    On Friday and Saturday, I took over 600 pictures. Granted, a *lot* of them didn't turn out at all, but that's the advantage of having a digital camera... and a one gigabyte CompactFlash card. I can play around without worrying about wasting money or (too much) time. Granted, 600 pictures are a lot to sort through, but I'd say that at least 350 of them are decent enough, 150 are good, and a dozen or two are darn good. For a change, I'm going to start sorting through and throwing out the worst of them, and quickly archiving the not-so-good ones. The bad news is that you don't get to see my screw-ups. The good news is that you don't have to see my screw-ups. perhaps I'll even do a preliminary rating of them, so that the casual observer can look at only a few of the best, leaving the seriously interested (a.k.a. Mom) to look at anything and everything.