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    "Reply All"  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed September 01 2004 at 10:21 AM
    Sister Peterson does send a lot of hard-right political emails. However, that is no excuse for the email that I got on Monday from someone on the other end of the political scale. I'm blocking out the emails to show them somewhat more respect than what they showed me, but if anybody is interested in attaining their email, feel free to ask me.

    {Below is the body of an email sent by me on Wednesday, August 1, 2004, under the subject heading "concerning your reply all habits"}

    On Monday, August 30, "{}{}{}" hit "reply all" to a message sent by one Roberta Peterson. In the reply message, you were extremely rude to her, and the action of replying to all the people whom she sent the original message was inconsiderate to those that may have wanted her email. "{}{}{}" further aggrevated the situation by again hitting "reply all," subjecting the rest of us with further uninvited commentary.

    I, for one, am rather indifferent to Roberta Peterson's mass-emailing policies. I simply don't read most of the junk she sends but do not complain because I happen to know her as a close acquaintance and a friend. It is certainly understandable if you do not wish to receive further emails, but that is no excuse to flame her and her entire group of friends. I would ask you how can you possibly accuse her of being a divisive force when it is you who are publicly denouncing her?

    In short, I do not appreciate your action of replying to all recipients of her original email. Your email etiquette is disgusting. Do not *ever* reply to all recipients unless you know *everybody* on the list. If you do not wish to receive an email from someone, tell them personally, don't tell all their friends as well. "shame, shame on you."


    Jo-Pete Nelson

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