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    classes  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue August 31 2004 at 10:12 PM
    Tomorrow I will give a full rundown of all my classes and what my initial reactions are, because I will have been to all of them (my first day of photojournalism is tomorrow). Yesterday, I found out that my only monday class had an unconditional prereq that I haven't taken. I knew I hadn't taken it, but I didn't know it was an absolute prereq... so often, they say that they want you to have taken a class, but you don't really need to have. So I had to drop the class and pick up the one that was the prereq. The time for the lab section is really annoying, and I'm definitely not thrilled about having an 8am class, but there wasn't really any other way around it.

    Today, religion class seemed pleasant. I'll make sure that I do the appropriate reading and everything, but I'm going to try to not worry about the grade at all. The two ME classes I had today sound really exciting, but they will definitely require a lot of time. Fortunately, they are both computer-related classes, so the time spent should be at least somewhat enjoyable. I'm nervous that they'll somehow decide that I'm not allowed to take the photojournalism class I'm signed up for tomorrow. It'd be nice to have weekly access to the camera, and maybe even have a little bit of training to go along with it.

    Unfortunately, I have an 8am class tomorrow, so I must go to sleep now. Good night.