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    I'm back  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat August 28 2004 at 10:41 AM
    Well, it's not that I ever really *left*, per se... just that I haven't been on a good internet connection except for at work in a while. I just don't ever feel like writing entries at work, I guess... maybe because there's so much else that I *could* or *should* be doing. But here at home, I feel like one of the most productive uses of my time is to focus on my website.

    At any rate, I've moved into my new apartment. David's going to flip out because I'm about to post my address, but it's the best way to make sure it's accessable to everybody.

    1960 N Canyon Rd. Apt #34
    Provo, UT 84604
    (801) 371-6934

    Any cute girls that wanna come visit me, I'm in the north-most building in Stadium Terrace. The entrance to my apartment faces Canyon (a reasonably busy road), which feels kinda weird, but it's nice to have a window in my room that faces east. You may want to call ahead or check if I'm online before you stop by, because I generally tend to stay at home as little as possible (sometimes as little as possible ends up being 24 hours a day, but nonetheless). That's *not* an invitation to break into my apartment, because I get the feeling that the one roommate that I've met so far stays at home as much as possible.

    My new apartment will only have three guys living in it. My room-roommate has not yet moved in, but the one roommate I've met so far seems agreeable enough. An odd duck, for sure, but I'm the pot calling the kettle black on that one. My initial call of him being a computer nerd proved to be correct... he's considering going into CS, not because he likes it (he claims he hates programming), but because he's good at it. Opposite of me, perhaps, but a computer nerd nonetheless.

    I'm not overly impressed with the size and layout of my room. The desk is tiny and cannot be extended, and there's not really much space to add a freestanding desk elsewhere. On the other hand, the living areas seem plenty large, especially considering there's only three of us. Plenty of room for friends to stop by (hint hint). I've moved most of my stuff in, but I haven't really started unpacking much (other than the computer, of course). That will most likely be today's big activity. At least I've got my music again.

    I know that my loyal fans have probably all stopped checking in daily, but I promise to go back to updating every day. I can write before I go to bed again, which means that I can rant instead of just thinking about whatever occupies my attention that day. More printing everything that comes to mind...