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    Why Idaho?  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon August 16 2004 at 7:45 AM
    Why Idaho? Why not? On Thursday night, my housing contract expired, and I no longer had a home. I am currently living with the Ryskamps in Lindon, but my friends from Idaho invited me to come visit. I didn't have anything else planned, and a five hour drive to Idaho was shorter than an eight hour drive to Flagstaff. I therefore concluded that I may as well make a road trip, since there wasn't anything better to do. I made it as far north as the very last exit to SLC when my car started acting up. Questions about cars, like questions about computers, always result in ten different answers from half a dozen people. The place that looked at the car on Saturday didn't find anything wrong with it, so I drove it back to Provo. I was due for an oil change anyway, so I stopped at Jiffy Lube and paid for an oil change and other miscellanious car maintainance services. The most plausible (and cheapest) explanation I've heard is that perhaps there was something clogging the fuel filter, so I bought cleaning fuel additive and a new filter. I will install the new filter sometime in the next week or so. For now, I will simply refrain from taking long roadtrips. I have been assured by everybody I've talked to that driving my car won't hurt it, so I will continue driving it in Utah and Salt Lake Valleys. I have a bus pass in my pocket and roller blades in my car, so if I do run into troubles I know I won't be stranded as long as I'm in a populated area. Before I take my next road trip, I will try to find a cheap pay-as-you-need-it cell phone provider and stash the phone in the car for emergency use. I am extremely impressed with my insurance's road-side assistance, so I am not worried about car troubles beyond the cost of repairing them as they arise.