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    Fun with searching  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon August 09 2004 at 10:45 PM
    In case you didn't know, I keep track of all the searches done on my site, both from search engines and from my own search page. Last week, Rachel obviously was on my site, because someone searched for her name and went through each of the results. There's quite a few results for Rachel.

    The search for today, though, comes from Google. I am number one for the search home teachees. I had to laugh at that one, because now the entire world can find out that I think the girls I home teach are cute.

    Yesterday, Ben said he was reading my site (I made him a little counter for his wedding date). He seemed concerned that maybe he wasn't supposed to be reading it, because maybe the content was too personal. I had to laugh because my mom used to be worried about the same thing. The irony is that people who are complete strangers won't even think twice about reading everything I write, except that they'd have no real motivation because they don't actually care about my life. Then the ones that actually know me are afraid that they are invading my privacy. I guess that's why a lot of people (myself included to a certain extent) have a circle of real-life friends and a square of online friends, with only some overlaps.

    In the next redesign of the site, I need to make sure that I clearly state at the top of RAM that I only write what I'm willing to share with the world. I might not always say the words outloud in public, but I rarely say anything that I'm afraid of other people knowing. With good reason, because All it would take is a search of my name and their's and that entry would probably come up. The purpose of my site is to display a dump of all the variables of my life and mind in a semi-orderly fashion. What is done with the information after that is interesting to me, but does not concern me in any way. If you disagree with me, great. Write a comment. If you can't stand me, then just don't read it.