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    Multi-tasking in a whole new way  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon August 02 2004 at 11:02 PM
    I stopped by Wal-Mart today (okay, I got in the car and drove 8 miles round-trip). I tried to play a DVD earlier and realized that I had no remote control. DVD players, unfortunately, seem to require a remote control in order to work the controls.

    So now I'm sitting here watching a cheesy movie (yay for cheap Wal-Mart movies) and making an entry. Alt+tab and multiple monitors be darned, I've got a TV/DVD set up to effortlessly watch movies at the same time as I'm making this entry.

    Granted, you can probably tell that I am rather distracted while I write this... in reality, I've never been very good at multi-tasking across different media. For instance, I can talk with five to ten people online at the same time, but I can't talk on the phone and talk online at the same time. I've become rather good at typing at the same time as I carry on personal conversations, but usually one or the other of those gets only part of my attention. Perhaps making a habit of watching movies at the same time as I work on the computer here, I'll get better at separating and operating both parts of my mind at the same time.

    Day After Tomorrow  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon August 02 2004 at 11:26 PM
    I called Merry and asked if she wanted to see a movie. It's Monday, so of course it would have to be a late movie after FHE. I listed off the ten o'clock showings and she was interested in Day After Tomorrow. So we went.

    Now, I'm not planning on giving a detailed review, but I'd recommend watching it *if* you can do so for less than a buck. It made for a good laugh, but was completely unrealistic. The entire movie was supposed to be built up and dramatic, but if anything it was overdone. You can't start off with L.A. being decimated by seven tornadoes with promises of worse weather ahead and expect everybody to take you seriously.

    The special effects were, for the most part, rather impressive. And the acting was reasonably good. It was just that no matter how hard they they tried, they couldn't make me believe that a new ice-age would roll in with less than one week's warning. Now, perhaps there's somebody out there who will try to say that the scenario is, indeed, possible. If that is the case, then I could be dead on any given week without warning, which means that my being right or wrong is completely irrelevant.

    If you ever enjoy laughing at over-serious movies, this would be the movie to pick up. Merry and I both laughed out loud at various "dramatic" points, and I don't think we were alone in the theater.