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    Cute Home Teachees  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun July 25 2004 at 9:21 PM
    Today, I finally met Katie for the first time. Jason (my home teaching companion) and I have been trying to get ahold of her for the past few months, to no avail. We have succeeded at contacting her roommate, Leah, a few times, but Katie was never around. They also had a friend of theirs- Sarah- over when we stopped by to visit.

    Now, Leah is very attractive, and I'd made that observation before. Katie, however, is very cute. And the friend was cutest of all. It's a testimony of divine assistance that I was able to make it through the lesson without losing my place by being distracted. There were several points where I was afraid I was about to, because I looked up and made eye contact with each of them in turn.

    Now, as a very strict rule, I do not date girls that I home teach. I feel that in the event of relationships going sour, I don't want them to also ruin the confidence placed in the home teacher relationship. However, this scenario has a *huge* loophole. First of all, the friend would not fall under the rule at all. Second, they are all moving out of the ward in a couple weeks. They asked us to help them out. Now, because the rule only extends to current home teachees, after they move, they are free (according to that one rule). I'll have to make sure that when I help them move, I make it clear that I'm willing to help them out if they need anything in the future.

    Maybe I'll get so bold as to specifically ask one of them to go ice skating after moving or something like that. Who knows. I probably should make myself, just to break this cycle I've gotten into of always shying away from any opportunities.