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    and Cream
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    added Fri June 25 2004 at 11:08 PM
    Early this week, I walked by the fruit area at Smith's. The smell of peaches was so strong that I simply couldn't resist picking up a couple. I was somewhat disappointed that although I could definitely smell the peaches from a distance, none of them seemed to smell especially good. Mom taught me long ago how to smell a peach toeeif it'sany good, and usually I'm quite good at picking out the right ones. I'm not one to start looking at peaches without actually buying any, so I bought two and took them home.

    When I checked out, I made sure to get a paper bag to leave the peaches ripening in. I'm not sure exactly why a paper bag is important, but my mom always did it, so I trust that it's the best way to do it. Maybe it has to do with keeping the right amount of moisture for the peach to ripen without molding. Whatever the case, I laid them in the bottom of the bag and set them on the counter. I was hoping to have company that next evening, so I figured I'd eat them pretty soon.

    Well, the company didn't show up, and I'm a huge procrastinator sometimes. I told myself several times that I would prepare them properly "as soon as I ..." The specific activity was rarely all too importnat, but refer to earlier statement on procrastinating. I just didn't want to take the time to do it properly.

    This evening, I felt I din't really have a choice. If I left them any longer, I think they may have fermented inside their skins. It's not like I was doing anything anyway, so I skinned them and cut them up. They were so incredibly juicy. the juice ran in between my fingers and down my hands and collected in the bowl I was cutting into. I added a little sugar and placed the bowl in the fridge.

    Now if only there were somebody to share my peaches and cream with.