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    Work  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu June 24 2004 at 10:27 PM
    Because of the network outage of the past 24 hours, this will be posted immediately after yesterday's. I will fake the datestamp so that yesterday's shows up yesterday and today's shows up today, but it will make much more sense to read them in chronological order by reading yesterday's before today's. (In case you couldn't tell by all the links, you really should read yesterday's first)

    There's nothing controversial or really very intriguing to write about, so unless you're one of my loyal daily readers, don't bother reading today. Oh wait. The only ones who will even see this are the loyal daily readers (and Merry if she stays true to her word and actually reads all the archived entries when she gets back online).

    Today at work was a rather uneventful 7 hours. I spent most of the time reading various websites about the organization and operations of Independent Study. I want to get a good idea of how things actually are supposed to work, cause I know that people will be calling expecting me to know everything under the sun. The least I can do is know a lot about the department I work for. Most of it was completely useless to me, though. I ended up skimming the 20 pages on the daily responsibilities of web programmers. I'm not a web programmer, I don't really care how to use their queue system. It wasn't totally wasted, though, because it helped solidify the file structure for the web server. I still don't have the entire thing memorized, mostly because I'm used to only working with my own personal file structure (which is relatively simplistic).

    Right now I still feel rather uncomfortable answering people's questions. I feel like I represent an organization, and I don't want to accidentally tell people the wrong thing. I had somebody look over every email that I sent out, just to make sure that I wasn't saying things the wrong way. I did end up taking one phone call, simply because nobody else was available to take it (the other guy on at the moment was already talking on the phone). I successfully walked the polite but somewhat sad-sounding lady through uninstalling and reinstalling quicktime. Unfortunately, this didn't fix her problem, and after having her open quicktime on its own and it crashing the computer, I diagnosed it as something much bigger than BYU's independent study CD. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't solve the problem, but I guess that I can't solve some of my own problems, so it's to be somewhat expected.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.