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    Year of service  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue June 22 2004 at 11:26 PM
    I like the idea presented in this article that
    Interviews like these made me decide that, like the Swiss, United States citizens should be required to do a year of national service before starting their careers. But instead of the Army, it should be a year in the customer service industry. I'd think we'd have a lot fewer jerks in the world if everyone had to pull a tour of duty at a counter or behind a help desk.

    It's amazing how many people leave their workdesk and suddenly become complete [words removed in a blatant act of censorship]. Do they not realize that sometimes the person on the other end of the phone is simply doing his or her job? That said person doesn't neccessarily like taking your time any more than you like it? Granted, I'm not any more likely to listen to telemarketers or telesurveyors or tele-whatevers than I was before I first took a telephone job 3.5 years ago. But I would never even think to swear at them.

    After reading this article, I stop to think about the last conversation that I had with the Boeing people down in Mesa. I wonder if in my attempt to save the nice lady from having to read the entire question, my answers in the middle of questions I've answered a thousand times were seen as being rude and rushed. Of course, the entire situation with that office was horrible. For some reason, it took two or three tries to get that application turned in, and I suddenly just stopped hearing from them. The problem is that I normally think about them at night when it's too late to call them. Keep in mind that I'm juggling 10-15 job applications in any given week. It's starting to get hard to keep track of.

    Speaking of juggling job applications, I have an interview early tomorrow, so I must be headed off to sleep. It's amazing how quickly 3 hours passes when I'm reading a variety of articles online. The single most entertaining reading this evening (albeit not very enlightening) was that Kansas has a tax on marijuana and other illegal drugs.