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    added Sun June 13 2004 at 7:31 PM
    Last friday, I bought a slurpee as I walked from work to the bank to deposit my paycheck. They had a cool (no pun intended) promotion on the large cups advertising free music downloads with a code from the cup. I probably would have gotten a large anyway. They don't cost that much more and give you a lot more drink. At any rate, I purchased the large and kept the code.

    By the time that I got around to looking into the details for the free music, I'd somehow mixed Slurpee with Slushee, I'd say it's a pretty honest mistake. I was rather irritated with slushee that they didn't have a link from their front page to the music download site. I searched Google for Slushee music download or something like that, with no good results. I was rather irritated with 7-Eleven for advertising free music that didn't exist. I got on 7-eleven's site to see what the deal was, and was immediately confronted with a big picture advertising *slurpees* (not slushees).

    I'm stupid, not crazy. Uh, reverse that? At any rate, I figured out real quick that I needed to be looking at slurpee's site. Once I got to their over-animated site (I like flash, but I really don't want slurping noises emitting from my computer...)., they had a link clearly posted to find the music downloads. Problem solved, right? Let's just make an account real quick and... Darnit.

    After I failed to successfully make an account several times (each time returning an ambiguous failure error), I gave up. Everybody has site outages every now and again, so I figured I'd try again in a few days.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.