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    Rapid degeneration  echo $newRAM;
    added Sat June 12 2004 at 8:59 PM
    I was fine in the morning. I had a hard time waking up, but I wouldn't call that completely abnormal. It was a bit strange because I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before and I still could think of nothing other than going back to bed. I did eventually get moving, and I thought I was fine.

    A couple hours before work, I started to have what I assumed was some kind of allergy attack. Every sinus in my head was starting to complain a little. Just a dull mumur, but enough to get me to take an antihistamine. I brought the bottle to work so that I could take another one when I ate my Cup-A-Noodles.

    At work, I started to get very tired. Not the normal "I didn't get enough sleep last night" kind of tired, more akin to, for lack of better analogy, when I had mono. During my 6 hour shift, my condition went from mildly annoying to "somebody ran me over with a freight train." I felt like I was about to pass out several times. But I kept working. I wasn't really aggrevated by work, because my job is not at all pbysical. I just sit there and dial.

    On the way home, I empathized with how my mother must feel on one of her "dizzy days." I found that if I moved slowly and didn't close my eyes too much, I could keep the world from spinning too much. Unfortunately, I had to run an errand after work, so I was forced to get in the car and drive to the other side of Orem, only to find that the manager I was supposed to submit my application to at IHOP didn't come in tonight.

    I had made plans with Merry, so I was almost glad that she wasn't home when I stopped by her place. I don't think I could have done anything more active than go to a movie, and even that seemed rather strenuous.

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