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    Scabs  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon May 31 2004 at 12:37 AM
    I looked down at my knees and felt like a kid again. It's been a while since I've had scabs on bother knees, especially from two different sources. Okay, the left knee isn't actually a scab anymore, but it's definitely obvious that there was an open sore there recently.

    Probably the last time that I had bloody knees with any consistancy was when I first started roller blading on a daily basis about 4 or 5 years ago (goodness gracious, has it really been that long?). The left knee actually is from a roller bladding accident. Nothing serious, not even enough to make me go home. Just enough to hurt when I walked the next couple days. The right knee is a much worse sore, and believe me, I was feeling it right away. Not quite like the old days where I'd come home from a bike ride and mom would have to get a needle to pick the gravel out of my knee, but that's just because I had a good pair of pants on.

    I've yet to write about my hiking trip on Tuesday (sorry I've been silent the last week...). Right now, I'll just say that I"m lucky to have gotten off with only a few scratches and one scraped knee. Twice I could have sworn I was two inches away from dying. Perhaps I'll go into more detail if I get in a writing mood before I forget too many details.

    There's nothing like open wounds to make you feel like a kid again.

    Houseguest  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon May 31 2004 at 1:05 AM
    I left my book out on the kitchen table, and went out a few minutes ago (a bit after midnight) to fetch it. Couldn't see anything for the pitch dark, so I flipped the light on. Imagine my surprise when there was a groan from the corner of the room. It appears we've a guest sleeping on the couch.

    Actually, I knew he was here last night, so it wasn't *totally* surprising. I just didn't realize he was going to be staying more than one night. The interesting part is that he's Carl's guest. Carl and I aren't really on the best of speaking terms right now. He banned me from using "any of his stuff" because I have a bad habit of using metal forks and spoons to eat directly out of pots. Not that I'm actually abusing his dishes, because I do it with my own. Today I use a fork to make gravy in my "new" pan (from DI). I'm not cutting or scraping or anything, so I don't see it as a big deal. I had to laugh today when I saw a dirty pan on the stove with a whisk in it. I wonder if it was Chris or Carl, but either way it's totally hypocritical.

    Anyway, I digress (only slightly). Our guest came in with Carl yesterday evening. I never heard about any guests beforehand. Isn't he supposed to get approval from roommates before he invites somebody to sleep on our couch? For that matter, I doubt that he's reported the guest to the office and paid the $10/night fee for visitors.

    I know that I'm the new kid here, but that still doesn't give him the right to act like he owns the place. He has not authority over me, and his attitude really is annoying. The main solace is that he's usually not home, so I don't really run into him much.

    I must congratulate him, though, on achieving the status of being the most petty roommate I've ever had. Honestly, his dishes are totally trashed already, using a fork to eat my spaghetti from the pan really isn't going to hurt it. Methinks that if the guest is still there tomorrow, I'll stay up late watching loud movies in the living room.