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    Phasing out IE?  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun May 30 2004 at 11:21 PM
    Get Firefox

    I've been playing with FireFox for the past couple days, and I think I might stop using Internet Explorer for everything but email. The only reason why I'll stick with IE for email is because for some reason, MSN loads IE when I click to check my email. Darn M$ product integration.

    I definitely am not qualified to do a review, so if you want to read a review to decide on installing it, then find a review to read. I can't even remember where I heard about it first (maybe it was a download dispatch email from, so I can't suggest one review that's more helpful than any others. I just wanted to mention a couple things I've casually noticed.

    First, tabbing. Something that IE is definitely missing out on. They attempt to do something almost similar in XP by grouping similar tasks, but that's just an ugly mess. Firefox lets you have control over when something is opened in a new tab and when it's opened in a new window. Searching just got a heck of a lot easier, because I can run the search and middle click (middle clicking opens in a new tab) all the results that I think look interesting. Instead of opening 5 new windows to clutter my task bar (believe you me, my task bar is *always* getting cluttered), I can see one task for one search.

    I also just found a new little toy with the tabbing- you can open an entire folder of bookmarks in their individual tabs. Just click one option at the bottom of the folder, and a second later, they're all loading. This will save on the time it takes to go back to the bookmarks each time, and makes it so I don't forget to check one of my daily sites. Just click to open them all up, and close them one at a time.

    Another feature that will definitely help me with searching is the search-as-you-type. simply start typing, and the browser quickly scans the document to find the first occurence of what you're typing. I find myself opening a "find" dialogue all the time, because I'll be looking for some little tidbit of information on a huge page of links. It's defaulted to only search links, but I'd prefer to let it search the entire page.

    Now, I"m not going to say that it's without it's minor annoyances. It renders things slightly differently than IE does (I'm not going to say better or worse all the time, just different). For instance, note from this screenshot that the underlining is broken:

    the break is not present in IE. As I said, minor annoyance. like that the fonts seem to be about .5 point smaller. Not enough smaller to go to the next bigger font size, but enough smaller to start bugging my poor partially blind eyes. Could just be my imagination, because the window supposedly has 4% more viewing space than IE.

    Perhaps more annoying is the apparent complete disregard of some javascript commands. For instance, the does not seem to allow any special windows to open (i.e., different sizes, no toolbar, etc). I realize this is probably because this is often abused by people making crazy popups, but sometimes it is used sensibly to make an appropriate window for whatever task. Also, you cannot use javascript to make the cursor look like a hand (for links) on a rollover (or at least it's disabled where I use it in JPics.

    I'll keep playing with it and post any other cool little tricks I find.