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    Late Night Ramble  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun April 25 2004 at 12:48 AM
    I'm pretty stressed out because I can't find my backup CompactFlash card, so I figured I'd get on and talk for a bit. I'm at home on my Mom's computer. The last thing that I can figure that happened to the card is maybe Eliza accidentally picked it up with her stuff. Please check, Eliza.

    I saw Nicki for a few minutes today. When she opened the door, she looked absolutely dead gorgeous. I'm not exactly sure what she was all done up for (a bit more makeup than I remember her wearing before), perhaps it was either my imagination, or simply a slight style change. And her hair was slightly wavy, nice change from the norm. And she smelled good. Unfortunately, she was heading for Kingman (her home) this afternoon, so I didn't get to see her for long. I'm making tentative plans to kidnap her and take her down the Grand Canyon sometime over the summer, I hope that works out.

    I guess I never even told anybody that I was coming to Flagstaff. For one thing, Eliza reads this occasionally, so I couldn't post it here. For another, it was a pretty random-do-whatever trip. I've been kicked out of my old apartment and can't move into the new one yet. I had the camera reserved. It's my sister's birthday today (yesterday now). So I decided to come to AZ. I surprised my sister, got to see my parents and brother, and took a lot of really cool pictures on the way down. I'm going to try to remember to upload a bunch of preview pictures.

    Next week I get to spend the majority of the week in the computer lab on campus learning Pro/E. Novatek, the place I'm hoping to get an internship, uses Pro/E and I get the feeling that if I learn the program, I can get the position. I really hope so. Of course, I need to really get moving now that school's done. So tomorrow I have to be home to return the camera on Monday, and I'll plan on spending the next few days sitting in front of a computer. Maybe I'll just spend the whole day there the first couple days of the week and hopefully get it done quickly. I really need this opportunity.

    Well, I guess I'll go to bed now. It's late, and I'm travelling tomorrow.