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    added Tue March 23 2004 at 11:54 PM
    I'd curled up and fallen asleep forlorn and sick of the world. I didn't think I'd get a call back tonight, because the person taking the message seemed to be irritated with me. Her bitterness shouldn't have affected me so much, since I don't care one bit what she thinks, but she seemed to stand between me and the ones I wanted to see. The hopelessness of the situation sinked in, and I cried myself to sleep with dry tears.

    I woke up to someone saying that I was asleep, and then David told me I had a phone call. My heart leapt for joy, and I immediately fought it back down for fear of being let down. I asked who it was, as one is prone to do when one is first waking up. I would've taken a call from anybody, but I was especially glad it was from them.

    I had stopped by earlier to see if they wanted to go for some dessert. I told them that was the case, and extended the offer despite the late hour. Village Inn was open until midnight, another half hour away. There was some quick debate and both agreed that it sounded like a good plan. So they came over and we left.

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