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    Oh Father  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue March 16 2004 at 5:41 PM
    I lay there contemplating the purpose of life, the meaning thereof, and the impact of this life on the potential of the next. A common struggle within me is to wonder if the next life has similar trials to this one, and if so, if it's worth it. One possible explanation is that there is no afterlife, and this existence is simply an organic one. Many seem to like this explanation, not because of the truth of it, but because it suggests a lack of consequences. At various points, I have attempted to rationalize to myself that perhaps this is the case, but to no avail.

    As is common during such contemplations, I asked myself if there is, after all, such an afterlife.

    I never seem to have the answers lately, so I turned to the common addressee of almost all my queries. "Oh Father," I sub vocalized. The irony struck me immediately. I was asking an eternal being about the existence of an eternity. Either my prayers were completely in vain, or they were irrelevant. If any creature heard them, then the answer was yes. If there was nobody to hear the plea, then the answer was no.

    And the question remains. Is there a life after this, and is it a continuation of similar trials?

    Oh Father...

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    uploaded Tue March 16 2004 at 6:25 PM