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    *sigh*  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed February 25 2004 at 10:30 PM


    One of those days. Trying to decide how much I wanna talk about it. Same ol' deal. I went to bed on time last night. Early, in fact. I was in bed before 10:30. In bed, but not asleep. I lay there with my eyes closed for a while. Grabbed the headphones and turned on some tunes. I don't know how long I was awake. I kept waking up. I know that I put another playlist on at about midnite, but that was the last thing I remember until 5 AM.

    How sad is it that I was more awake at 5:00 in the morning than any other point in the day? I convinced myself that it was okay and slipped back into an uneasy sleep. Uneasy sleep, but I couldn't wake up. Watched the hours tick by as my alarm started sounding off. I think a roommate came in to remind me to wake up. I don't really remember. I know that at about twenty til 9, I had a familiar argument. I don't want to get up. I really, really don't want to get up. I did, obviuosly, wake up eventually. Ready for the highlight of my day?

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