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    Career Fair; not a politician  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed January 28 2004 at 5:14 PM
    I'm not a politician. I never really have been one. It seems like in Junior High and High School, all the other "smart" kids were in student council and club presidencies, and whatnot, but I never did do much of that. Granted, I did run for student council once or twice. Most notably, I ran for vice president in fifth or sixth grade. A "friend" and I were going to run together, he for president and myself for vice president. At that time, my parents' Mac LC was still pretty new and a comparably powerful computer, so we went to my house to make signs for our campaign.

    For some reason, he thought it would be best if we first made signs with our own names, and then later make signs with the two of us together. I was a sucker, so I agreed with the plan. Basically, what happened is he used my computer and my skills to make his campaign signs, and then he ditched out on me. I didn't stand a chance without a "popular" running mate, because everybody knows that those things are all about popularity contests. I still came pretty darn close to winning, but in the end his betrayal left me stranded. Early welcome to politics.

    I've had other small tastes of politics. I went to Arizona Boy's State, where we set up a mock state government for a week. Unfortunately, even a week of power corrupts people, and the politics there were as bad as any I've seen on the news. Somehow, Juniors in High School managed to run the whole gambit from a horse-and-pony show to a mudslinging contest. I did not win any elected positions.

    I think the bottom line is that I don't have the heart of a politician. Any time I try to run for an office, I do it with the intent of helping people, which is the entirely wrong attitude to take if you actually want to win. Politics is not about building things up, rather it's about popularity and tearing other people down. I've never been good at either one.

    And now comes the earth-shattering connection between politics and the career fair. I went today because I'm interested in getting an internship this summer. I figured that this would be a good opportunity to find out what's still available, and maybe hand out a few resume's. Unfortunately, it seems that's not what a career fair is about. It would appear that a career fair is an opportunity for people to "make new contacts" in businesses. Basically, a chance for the politicians to come out in force and shake hands and impress recruiters.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.