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    Yahoo is good?  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon January 19 2004 at 3:06 AM
    Late-night reading often turns up the most interesting pages. Tonite, I've been reading articles from a site on usability. A lot of this is very interesting, and I've actually decided to make one or two changes to my site based on this reading. Most notably, I will remove all links that open new windows. Perhaps I'll explain that more fully another time.

    At any rate, I digress (thus parting from usability tips, ironically). Among this interesting reading is a very extensive archive of old articles. Let me define old by pointing to an article written in June 1995. Part of the fun in reading old online articles is seeing how the internet has changed in the past decade. For instance, an article on why Yahoo is good lists a variety of reasons why Yahoo is (was) the most predominent search engine. The irony is that Yahoo isn't the most predominent search engine anymore. In case you haven't caught up with the constantly shifting tides of change, let me point out that Google clearly holds that title now.

    There's more to read. Read the extended entry.