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    added Fri January 02 2004 at 7:45 PM
    I got a package today. I've been watching it come for the last five or six days via the online tracking on UPS. Unfortunately, I discovered it on my way out the door. I stepped back inside for a second and set the package just inside the door. I'd forgotten that it was due to arrive today, or else I would've been watching the door more closely.

    It was surprisingly light. I had figured that the headphones would be lightweight (because who wants to wander around with ten pounds attached to their ears). Now that I stop to think about it, it's not much of a surprise that the receiver is lightweight. Electronics. Stop and think for a minute about everything that is going on in that tiny plastic box, and it blows my mind. I had a whirlwind electrical engineering course this past semester, and I can barely comprehend the stuff. I'm great at using all the electronics, as long as I don't try to think about how they work on a fundamental level.

    In case you haven't put 1 and 1 and 1 together to make three, I got a set of wireless headphones. They seem to be pretty good quality, too. Granted, I'm not really much of a valuable critic for such things. However, I do know that the speakers on these headphones have a very rich bass, and a full tone straight across the board. It does lose a considerable amount of quality because it's running on radio waves, but there's a reason why I'm not a valuable critic for such things. I have the ear for music stuff, but I don't usually get too picky about listening only to the highest quality output. So sue me.

    Really, the only considerable downside of being connected via radio waves is that everything emits radio waves these days. All things considered, the system seems to do a good job of blocking out pretty much every frequency. When I have the music paused, I don't hear any spikes, implying that the spikes I hear when the sound is on is from the transmitter, not the receiver. I'll have to be careful not to sit with my ear on the monitor or my mouse on my ear. They both give off a low hum when I'm sitting in silence. I'll be playing with fine-tuning and positioning the transmitter when I get home (in Provo).

    If I ever am rich and famous (well, rich at least), I'll probably get myself a pair of high quality headphones to use when I'm actually sitting at my computer and have a redundant system (one pair to use when I'm not sitting at my computer and a better sounding one to use while I'm at my computer). Of course, by the time I'm that rich I'll probably say to heck with headphones and just install a central sound system for my house. Until then, I'm happy with my new toy.

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