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    Removing the leash  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu December 25 2003 at 3:38 PM
    I got the cordless mouse/keyboard set that I was hoping for. Actually, I got better than the one that I was hoping for, but I've decided that the "features" are, for the most part, useless. More on that in a second.

    First thing I did after the traditional "sit around and open presents" was bring the whole kit and kaboodle back to my room to set it up. Okay, it wasn't that much stuff, but more than I'm used to. It's kinda funny that I actually *added* a computer part to my overall setup (the receiver for the keyboard/mouse). It's nice, though, to not have to worry about the tail on my mouse getting caught underneath the pile of junk I always have built up around my desk.

    For some reason, new input hardware always comes with software. I must say that the install wizard was the best looking install wizard I've ever seen on non-game software. Very professional. I guess it's to compensate for the lack of substance the program adds. Instead of simply adding new features corresponding with the new buttons, it totally resets the behaviour of both keyboard and mouse. I kinda like the way my mouse works, thank you very much.

    I spent about half an hour trying to get used to the changes in the way my mouse behaves. The scroll wheel acted funny... it scrolled up about ten times as fast as it scrolled down (annoying). When I clicked the scroll wheel, it didn't give me the scroll option that I was used to where I click it, move the mouse down a little bit, and watch the page move down. Instead, it gave me a lame "move your mouse around to move the page" option. That's no way to scroll down a page in a hurry. So... I uninstalled the software that came with it so that my new (nice cordless) mouse would behave just like my old one. Except it won't get its tail caught.

    I've also decided that extra buttons on keyboards are a huge waste. They give me all these "internet buttons" and "multimedia buttons" and "load program buttons" to go with my normal keys. Now, if the internet buttons actually opened a new window to go to the site, I might almost find them useful. But they just pick a random window and change the site. How very annoying. What if I happened to be using that window? I looked for a way to change that, to no avail.

    The multimedia buttons could potentially be useful, if they ever worked. I have this bad habit of using the latest multimedia program available. When I was using WinAmp, the keyboard I bought a few years ago didn't support it. No problem, just means that I have to actually be in the program to skip songs. Now, I think this keyboard supports WinAmp, but doesn't support iTunes. For the love! Thank goodness the volume change wheel and mute button work, or else the whole multimedia aspect of the keyboard would be lost.

    Load program buttons? What a waste. By the time that I actually remember that there's a button, my mouse has guided itself to the start menu to access my frequently used programs. Those are the programs I would actually put on buttons, anyway. Besides, I don't usually open programs manually anyway. I open the document (project, whatever) and it loads the program. I spend very little time making *new* documents, and a lot of time changing *old* documents. Except Word. And I have a handy little button in the bottom of my screen that opens word for me. I'll try it out for a little bit longer, though. Maybe I'll get used to hitting a button to start my program. Or maybe I'll end up uninstalling the keyboard software, too.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I really really really like my gift I will definitely enjoy not being on a leash to my computer. I just want to remove the leash without removing my control over my universe (AKA my computer).