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    date night  echo $newRAM;
    added Tue December 23 2003 at 9:09 PM
    I've been looking forward to seeing her for some time now, and tonite I finally got to take her to dinner.

    I gave her a call at about quarter after 5 to see if she was home, just like she told me to. She was, indeed, home, so I went down to her apartment. I was not very surprised to find her running around the apartment, busy with this, that, and the other thing to do. She likes to always be doing something, I've noticed. She says that her life isn't always so hectic, but when it's not, she's usually baking or something else.

    I kinda like all the activity, though. In a weird way, it's a bit soothing.

    I know that she noticed the flowers on my lap before I gave them to her. I was, after all, watching her. I saw her eyes land on them for a second. For most girls, this would've totally ruined the actual presentation of the flowers.

    She's different.

    When she finally stopped for a minute, I gave her the flowers. Even though she undoubtedly knew who they were for, she still reacted like a million dollars. Of course they're her favorite. Why else would I have picked lilies? My normal style is yellow roses (my mom likes yellow roses), so any deviation from that is because I know the girl likes something else.

    She needed to go to WalMart to return some stuff. I needed to pick up a last-minute gift for my sister. So, we went there before dinner. It sounds funny, but the visit set a nice tone for the evening. We didn't have put on a show of propriety. I just wanted to be with her, and she seemed to want to be with me.

    I still hadn't decided where I wanted to go eat. I was leaning toward Village Inn or something like that, but spontaneously decided on Red Lobster/ Oliver Garden level. Dinner was good, more because of the company than the food. We both talked at ease. Mostly small talk, true, but still nice conversation.

    I took her to the institute next. She was supposed to meet with her bishop for tithing settlements. Her bishop ended up not showing up for some reason, but I didn't mind the stop. I got to listen to her play piano for a while (she's incredible on the piano).

    All in all, a good night. Nice and casual.

    Lilies: $5 plus tax.
    Dinner: $30 including tax.
    Tip for a good waiter: $10.
    A couple hours with her: priceless.