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    Fourty-two dollars  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon December 08 2003 at 10:42 PM
    $41.71, actually, but that was just how much I paid Kinko's. Not even touching the time involved. Or the stress caused. Or the gas for driving to the Orem Kinko's (because the Provo one said they were too busy). And I honestly don't really think that it will get an 'A'.

    $41.71 for one paper. 23 pages, $1.50 per page, $5 to bind it. Geeze, I'm tired.

    My group met for 5 more hours yesterday. We aren't necessarily the fastest working group, so I won't say that all of that was extremely productive, but we were working reasonably well. I put together the finishing touches today and took it to the printers. And it looks good. I just seriuosly question if it looks $42 good.

    What adds to the irritation is that I didn't realize this whole time that we've been working with a lot less color than I thought we were. My monitor doesn't have very good contrast, so it's very difficult to distinguish between the dark blue and the gray. The line running between the two columns was gray, not blue. It sounds rather insignificant untill you think about the fact that I just got done paying $1.50 per page for 23 pages, when about 17 of those pages have only five or six words in a dark color of blue. If I'm going to pay $1.50 per page, I at least want the color to stand out.

    We're also required to print a black and white copy. This was obviously done on my printer. I set it to the lowest quality black and white: the quality that prints a page in no time at all. And watched as page after page after page after... okay, you get the point. Lots of pages came out. It seemed like it was never going to end. It took forever, too. I'm not sure if one staple is going to hold this monstrosity.

    For the first time in several weeks, I am now unconditionally happy that I am in a group with two other people. At least they'll pay me back two thirds of the cost (or at least they'd better). $14 paid for what's probably going to be a 'B' or 'C'. What a tragic waste.