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    "Junk Mail"  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri November 21 2003 at 8:16 AM
    I've yet to figure out the logic behind Hotmail's "Junk Mail" filter. They let about half the junk mail through, and I still have to check the junk mail every day to make sure that good mail didn't get put there on accident. Like today, I got an email from Sally, and it went straight to the junk mail. I found this odd at first, because I've gotten plenty of emails from her, and they don't *normally* go to the junk mail. Then I realized that the email came from her work adress.

    Very understandable that a new email adress would accidentally be put in the junk mail, until you stop to think about why an email with .mil (she works for the Army) would be sending junk mail. Now, I would understand if the filter was extremely tight, and never allowed junk into my inbox. Then, I would almost expect it to set the entire military domain into my junk mail box. The fact of the matter is, though, that it's a toss-up as to which box will have more junk: the junk mail, or the inbox.

    But it's good to know that if the army starts spamming me, I won't be pestered because it will go straight to my junk mail box.

    Parking  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri November 21 2003 at 8:33 AM
    At the beginning of the year, I paid about $100 for the privilege of parking near my home. I didn't complain (too much) at the time about it being so expensive, because the higher cost would hopefully make it so that there is more parking available. Not so much the case.

    Quite often, the only time I take my car out is late at night. I don't have time to be driving around during the day. But then, when I get back, all the parking spaces are taken. I end up spending almost as much time looking for a parking spot as it would've taken to walk instead of drive.

    Last night I parked in the 30 minute zone (30 minute parking from 7AM to 4PM). At about 830 this morning, I realized that I had to move my car. Luckily I realized it at that point, because the guy was out marking tires as I walked up. I got into my car before he marked my tire and pulled out of the spot. I circled around the parking lot, and to my amazement, the only open spots were (still) the 30 minute ones! Now, I'm sure that there were a few open spots up by DT and maybe even one or two by the creamery, but I hate spending half an hour to find a spot that's half a mile away.

    A couple things I'd like to see them do about the parking:

    **Have assigned parking**. I would pay extra to know that when I come home, I can go straight to my assigned spot. Even if the spot is a five minute walk away from my apartment, it would still save me time in searching for a spot.

    **Fewer handicap parking spots**. This sounds horrible until you think about the fact that none of the buildings in heritage hall are handicap accessible. I've seen somebody parking in one of those spots once. I didn't ever find out if the brave soul got a ticket, because he definitely didn't have a handicap permit. Of course, these parking stalls are in the best possible spots. Get rid of the handicap parking that is never used, and three more people will be able to park in the one lot alone, I don't have any estimates on how many other spots would be freed up around heritage.

    **No time limit parking**. I know that it is convenient to have spots where your friends can park when they pick you up without having a permit, but if they removed those time limit parking stalls, it would free up 8 spots. 8 more cars that could park when they come home.