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    A bit sore, but all the happier for it  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon November 17 2003 at 7:55 PM
    Despite the spoil-sports that refused to participate, FHE was a success.

    We went roller-skating at classic skating. The other group leader decided to require that everybody get roller skates (no in-line skates), to kinda even out the level. Let me tell ya- you can't control those things worth anything. They simply don't turn tighter than a 15 foot turn radius if you're moving forward. It was worth it, though, for a little change. And I switched to roller-blades at the end. I should've brought my own skates for sure. I had to pay an extra three dollars to get skates that didn't feel comfortable. Because I wasn't sure that I would be switching, I left mine behind (easier than keeping track of them).

    I feel kinda bad, though. I swear, the poor kid wiped out directly in front of me, I was in no way responsible for what happened. Anyway, a little guy on a scooter went down under my feet, and I kinda got his hand with my skates and bumped his head with my knee. In reality, I doubt that I skated on the hand very hard. For one thing, I didn't go down (a hand acts a lot like a rock: if you hit it with full weight at reasonable speeds, you go down). For another, I've got pretty good reflexes on skates. I'm sure that given another few inches of warning, I would've cleared him either by jumping or skating around.

    In any case, I ran the kid over. It's a good thing that I'm a solid skater, cause I was able to pick the kid up and carry him over to the DJ booth where they gave him the proper intention (which consisted of handing him a lolipop and convincing him that he could bend his finger, I'm sure). And just so you know that I'm not totally heartless, I didn't leave until the lady that I assume was his mother came over, and I checked up on him afterward.

    No matter how good you are at falling, and believe me, I've had experience, it still can hurt a bit. They played wipe-out (see who can get on the ground the fastest), and one of the times I accidentally rolled and hit my knee. I caught on that it was much safer and easier to wipe out if I'm already crouched down, skating with one knee almost touching the ground. Unfortunately, after doing this for a couple rounds they got wise on me and insisted that everybody be standing all the way up.

    All in all, FHE was a success.

    FHE  echo $newRAM;
    added Mon November 17 2003 at 11:06 PM
    Sorry, I don't think about the fact that not everybody lives at BYU and eats drinks and sleeps LDS terminology like FHE. FHE is "Family Home Evening." The church recommends that every Monday night be set aside for family time, a time to share things and learn gospel stuff, and have activities with each other. Because we're all at college here, far far away from family, we are split up into FHE groups so that we can have a chance to get together and do a lot of similar stuff. The purposes of it for college students are kind of different than for real families. Part of it is to set an example and prepare us all to be good moms and dads. Part of it is to kind of help fill a void that some kids have leaving home (where some have FHE faithfully every monday night). Part of it is just to get another opportunity to bring religion into our lives here at BYU.

    I'm an FHE group leader, which means that it is my responsibility to plan and organize activities (along with my co-group leaders). It's a rather difficult thing for me sometimes, because I don't really have much of a background with FHE. My family never did it very much as an official "let's sit down and have an opening prayer, a lesson, refreshments, and a closing prayer followed by 45 minutes of a family activity." Instead, my mom just tried to get us all to sit down to dinner together (she almost always succeeded), or we would spend time watching movies some evenings, or something unofficial like that.

    Sometimes it seems like such a hassle to have to deal with yet another church thing every Monday night, but I think overall it has done me good over the past couple years. I'm not going to say that my life was saved because of FHE, or that everything that's good in my life is because of it, but it's helped me appreciate the time and efforts of other people. It also provides somewhat of a support system here. I probably wouldn't ever turn to my FHE "sisters" for help with a problem, but at least every Monday night, I can spend some time with the ladies.

    FHE. In a nutshell.