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    conference  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun October 05 2003 at 12:53 AM
    As of last night, my plan was to watch conference at the Heritage Halls central building. They were going to have it on a projector screen, and supply food and stuff. In between sessions, the plan was to go to the ward potluck, get more free food, and hang out with the ladies. For priesthood session, I was going to go with Uncle George and Rix to Rix's stake center, go home with them and get more free food. Plans change.

    At about 1 AM, a girl in my FHE group came over and asked if I'd be interested in a ticket to this morning's session of conference in the conference center. She had a pair of tickets, and I had a car, so the arrangement worked out nicely. We left at about 745 (please don't do the math to figure out how much sleep I got... it wasn't nearly enough) and got in our seats at about 900. The seats were decent: really close to the edge, so I couldn't see half the choir, but pretty close.

    I got back home at about 130 and talked with one of my roommates. He was looking for anyone who was interested in going to priesthood session at the conference center. I guess that the Elder's Quorum presidency was given tickets, and one of the counselors couldn't go. So, I figured I might as well. These seats were totally awesome. There were a lot of stake presidents and the like in the area we sat in. It was right in the middle, probably about 80-100 feet away from the pulpit. That sounds like quite a distance until you compare it with the majority of the seats in the conference center. The fact that we could distinguish between the apostles sitting on the front row made these seats absolutely amazing.

    I don't think I'll give any summaries on the conference itself. Odds are that you either watched it yourself, or aren't interested in hearing about it. Suffice it to say that it was very good. A lot of really good points were brought up. The only problem is that by the third two hour session, I really start to lose my drive for paying attention to spiritual things.

    Two more sessions tomorrow. Looks like I'll be watching them from Lindon. I originally was going to be taking Joe (another roommate) and his girlfriend Jill up to Salt Lake because they have a pair of tickets, but it looks like they found somebody else. So we're looking at the free food side again.

    A picture of the tickets that I used today can be found here

    second and a half  echo $newRAM;
    added Sun October 05 2003 at 1:11 AM
    The conference center can get a bit loud before the session starts, because everybody's talking to their neighbor. 21,000 people all talking to their neighbor at the same time makes a bit of background noise. Most of the people there wait for as much as an hour and a half for the proceedings to begin, so it isn't very practical to enforce an arbitrary silence.

    The amazing thing about LDS adults, however, is how quick they respond to certain cues to be quiet. For example, when a prayer is given, any group will quickly go from being rambunctious to dead silent very quickly. This, of course, does not apply to activities involving children, but children under eight aren't allowed to watch conference live anyway.

    Imagine taking the prayer example and multiplying it by the appropriate number to apply it to 21,000 people. Also, add a much better reason to be silent, such as the prophet making his entrance.

    In about a second and a half, the congregation went from casually talking with neighors to standing at a dead silent attention. 21,000 people simultaneously stopped doing anything other than breathing. And after about a second and a half, one could have heard a pin drop off the top of the church office building.