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    Krispy Kreme  echo $newRAM;
    added Fri October 03 2003 at 11:42 AM
    They say that the "HOT NOW" sign at Krispy Kreme is made of neon, but everybody knows that it's actually technology closely akin to the lights used in bug zappers.

    I just happened to be passing by the Krispy Kreme on University Parkway, and the light was on. I resisted its charmed pull the first time, but on the way back I found myself helplessy pulling into the right turn lane. Okay, it wasn't really that dramatic. I actually remembered seeing the light on, and so I planned on going in on my way home.

    They've got a good deal going on there. If you actually take the time to go into the store instead of going through the drive-thru, they have free samples whenever they are cooking fresh doughnuts. Now, most places give you a small bite as a free sample. Not Krispy Kreme. If you take the time to come into the store when the "HOT NOW" sign is lit up, they will give you an entire doughnut. Free.

    I don't know why anybody would use the drive-thru when this is taken into consideration, but the line of cars always forms. At any rate, I stopped in and got my free sample, and bought one with maple icing. The free one was actually ten times better: warm, soft, melts in your mouth. I just wasn't sure how they would react if I were to get a free sample and then order a single glazed doughnut. Would they then charge me for two doughnuts? I didn't want to find out the hard way. Maybe next time that I "happen to be passing by."