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    hazey skies  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu September 25 2003 at 12:05 AM
    Considering how I'm feeling already, I was not too happy to wake up and see the low-slung haze settling over Provo. It was bad. Normally, the Y prominently stands out on the mountain to the east. Today I had to search for about 15 minutes before I could make out the edges.

    Luckily, my ailment doesn't seem too closely tied to asthma triggers. There were a couple times that I had a bit of difficulty breathing, but I didn't have any special difficulty while I was outside. Of course, I purposely avoided any prolonged exposure to the outside air.

    I assume that the smoke came from a fire up wind. The smoke seemed to have cleared by mid-afternoon (when I went back to class), but sometimes these things return when the wind changes direction again for the morning. We'll see.

    At any rate, I'm tired and can't think straight. Sorry about the dissapointing entry, but that's what happens when I'm busy all day and somebody demands I make an entry. (Just kidding Merry, I wanted to make this entry anyway...)

    Good night world.