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    mosquito  echo $newRAM;
    added Wed August 06 2003 at 11:30 PM
    I sit here killing the stupid gnats one by one. They're drawn to my computer screen like bugs to a lamp. Well, that's because they *are* bugs, and this computer screen, I 'spose, is sorta like a big lamp. At any rate, I kill them one by one and wipe the greasy residue off my monitor. It's probably not very good for the monitor, but they get so darned annoying.

    Mosquitoes, on the other hand... evil incarnate. I came home from the house I was watching yesterday morning and my mom was working on chopping back the forest that consists of the weeds in front of our house. She was complaining (rather vocally) that the mosquitoes were eating her alive, but when I helped for a minute or two, I didn't find them too horrible.

    Today, I went out to put the weeds in the trash can... and the mosquitoes attacked. And since about 7 o'clock, I've been constantly checking to make sure there aren't any more little pests hidden somewhere on me. I can feel them crawling all over me... They're anxious to suck my blood and leave little welts all over me. *slap*

    good *slap* night...