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    And a bad speller, to boot. (not 3)  echo $newRAM;
    added Thu July 17 2003 at 9:24 AM
    Okay, so I stand very corrected. The term I was looking for is hypochondriac, not it's very closely related cousin hypercondriac. My english teacher would've been very ashamed of me, but thanks to wonderful friends, the error was quickly pointed out. Unfortunately, I think the damage has already been done, so I will not try to edit the previous entry. My apologies (and thanks) to my loyal readers.

    On a side note, behold the power of a very popular, rather twisted weblog. The poetry contest I'm sure was originally intended to be a rather serious event, but things took a downward twist when the popular Dave Berry came up with an interesting prospect. Go ahead and check it out yourself... search for the first name "Freemont" Rather disturbing, really. No, I have never used the pen-name Freemont, nor will I ever.

    ***EDIT***: P.S.: I scored a 50 on the hypochondriac test. Probably, I really deserved about a 40, but one of the answers was just too funny to pass up. (thanks again, Sally)